The Friesian horse -- big, black and charismatic -- is one of the world's oldest breeds. For many centuries the Friesian was relatively isolated in a small area in the northwestern Netherlands. As long ago as the early middle ages he was called by the name of the area from which he came Friesland. He carried knights in the Crusades and was a war horse in medieval times.

Before the Reformation, he was selectively bred in monasteries to be a versatile, all-around horse for the people of his native Friesland. He flourished in his small corner of the world for centuries but in the 20th century he almost became extinct due to world wars and mechanization. Fortunately, he was 're-discovered' before he disappeared entirely and today this distinctive horse enjoys a celebrity unrivaled by other breeds. The Friesian is truly a horse from distant past who has enormous appeal in modern times.

Taj in Germany

Less than 30 years ago this virtually unknown, but unforgettable black horse arrived in North America. His numbers were small, but people who saw him were captivated by his unique and striking appearance. In the short time since his importation to America, the Friesian has achieved tremendous popularity and almost universal breed recognition among horse lovers. Because of the Friesians' great popular appeal the horses have quickly found their way into a variety of disciplines roles they can fill because versatility is the breed's heritage.

Audiences love the Friesian horse and because of their can't-get-enough-of them crowd appeal, they are now seen everywhere, in all the major equestrian events throughout North America. And when a distinctive horse is required to set a tone in a movie the Friesian is called on to create that historical or mystical illusion. 

North America is 'in love' with the Friesian horse whether it is as an an unsurpassed carriage horse, a striking dressage mount, an amazing circus horse of simply as a beloved family pet.

We at Wolfsong Friesians are proud to be able to offer to you a chance add some of the Friesian magic to your next horse.

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