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We do artificial insemination only. There are several reasons why we feel this is the best choice. The first is for safety for all concerned, the mare, stallion, and the handlers. The second is that I believe it helps Taj maintain his gentlemanly behavior. I am able to take him literally anywhere, on the trails, in parades, to the shows, and even camping without a problem and because he's able to be social in these ways, I think he's a happier, more relaxed, horse.

The mare owner has several options: the mare can come to the same facility where the stallion is to be collected and be inseminated almost immediately after the collection takes place or the cooled semen can be shipped to the vet of the mare owner's choice. Timing and communication is of the essence when it comes closer to the mare's cycle and the actual time of breeding.

Taj is now available for breeding to Friesian mares to produce FOA recognized purebred Friesians. The current fee is $1200.00 which includes a non-refundable booking fee of $150.00 which is due upon receipt of the signed contract.

Taj is of course also available for breeding to non-Friesian mares to produce your very own Friesian Sport Horse. The current fee is $1000.00 which includes a non-refundable booking fee of $150.00 which is due upon receipt of the signed contract.

Friesian Sport Horse is, quite simply, a Friesian cross bred for exceptional athletic ability, size, movement, personality and enough substance to stay sound in performance - no matter which discipline he endeavors to perform.  A Friesian cross foal is eligible for a number of registries, depending upon his dam's heritage.  The Friesian cross, or Friesian Sport Horse, offers his owner many distinct advantages:

  • Friesian Beauty and Majesty - The Friesian Sport Horse often resembles its Friesian heritage.  For those of us who are attracted to the Friesian size, movement, temperament, or just plain hairiness, the Friesian Sporthorse provides his owner with an abundance of beauty and charm.

  • Supreme Athleticism - The Friesian Sport Horse carries in his heritage the great athletic prowess of his forefathers, along with a strong intellect and willing mind.

  • Heart - One of the most endearing aspects of the Friesian Sport Horse is his loving, puppy dog personality and his huge heart, making him willing to push himself to the limits for the owner he loves.

  • Affordability - For those of us who are attracted to the great beauty and magnetism of the Friesian, the Friesian Sport Horse offers us a more reasonable price range to work within.

The Friesian cross is eligible for registry with numerous registries, including, but not limited to:

These are just some of the registries that your Friesian cross foal is eligible for. 

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