Wolfsong Friesians


The Dream:

A powerful black stallion, mane and tail flowing thick like silk… a white wolf with golden eyes… and me.  Sometimes I would see us standing as though painted on ivory, sometimes we would move in slow motion across a field of waving blood-red flowers.   But most often, I would see myself riding astride the dark wind-made-flesh, a flash of white and gold at our heels.

The Horse:  

Taj Mahal – a pitch black, 16.2 hand 1500 pound FOA approved Friesian stallion – stepped out of the dream and into my world as though he has always been here.  With his arrival, everything changed.  I no longer dreamed of the perfect horse – I had him.  I no longer wished for a trail horse I could trust on any terrain, under any weather conditions – he was here.  And I no longer had to close my eyes to see the way his mane and tail swayed in the wind created by his movements.

The Wolf:

Kota is an Arctic wolf with a touch of Malamute and can be found at my heels no matter where I am.  On the trails he is our shadow, following Taj and me through forests or along rivers.   The picture is complete.  At 125 pounds he looks formidable, frightening, ferocious… until he plays gently with my 15 pound Dachshund, Brook, or nuzzles my hand.  

The Reality – Wolfsong Friesians:

Taj Mahal Friesian StallionMy life today is the actualization of a dream I had nurtured since childhood, sprung from a long-ago memory of my grandfather’s arms around me, holding me safe as we rode his Palomino stallion across a meadow in the mountains of Colorado.  It was at that moment, though I didn’t know it then, that I began my journey to Taj Mahal, Kota and Wolfsong Friesians.  

At first vague – a big black horse I could ride anywhere, a white wolf who would follow along behind – the dream gained color and depth as I owned more horses through the years, knowing each was one step closer to my heart.  Soon the dream had a more definite shape: a breeding farm, a Friesian stallion, a white wolf who would be friend and companion to us both.  It seemed close enough to touch… and yet far enough that it felt I might never get there.

Then in the spring of 2000 I found Kota, a 2 and a half month old wolf cub, in Idaho.   When I watched him run through the grass behind a phantom horse only he could see, I knew it was only a matter of time before everything fell into place.  

Finally in 2002, in a barn in Germany, I found Taj and my heart knew he was what I had been seeking since childhood.  I brought him home where he immediately made himself the man of the place, and proved his worth beyond measure.  He is the most willing and honest horse I have ever known, and his heart is huge, echoed in his eyes and the way he listens to my every word, watches my every step.  He is not only my finest breeding stallion but my constant companion and main riding horse; his only limits are those imposed on him by the love he has for me.  Finally, he is the perfect gentleman around all the ladies – human or equine – and takes his jobs seriously whether they involve siring a foal, taking care of a rider, or bowing for a carrot.  

Taj and Kota are lifelong companions; they trust each other on the trail, play through the fence at home, and sleep near each other every night.  Kota’s gentle spirit – evidenced most clearly when he plays with my 15 pound Dachshund – complements Taj’s strong, quiet soul, and together they are a force of nature.  

I don’t anymore have to dream of a powerful black stallion, mane and tail flowing thick like silk, and a white wolf with golden eyes, I have them.  And every morning when I greet Taj and Kota as the sun rises over the pastures, I marvel again that my life is bigger and more beautiful than I ever imagined.  

My grandfather’s legacy lives on in Wolfsong Friesians, and the memory of his strong arms around me is what keeps me believing that all dreams are possible.

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