With over four feet of mane and exceptionally thick, flowing tail, Taj Mahal could easily be from a storybook. He is gorgeous and very baroque in build and, in fact, received recognition for his conformation and movement in the Netherlands as a foal. He is noble, dynamic, intelligent, and has a friendly, kind, and gentle disposition with a playful sense of humor.

He was trained in dressage and used extensively in show carriage and driving exhibitions in Germany, yet he readily adapted to trail riding and wilderness and beach experiences after he came to Oregon. He is currently being trained at ‘training’ and ‘first’ level dressage winning six blue ribbons this last show season. He also won the high score for a “non-warmblood” breed at his last show. Taj will be the proud sire of four foals next spring.

Born 1993
Height 16.2 - Weight 1500lbs
Arrived in the U.S. May 2002

On or off trail he is always the perfect gentleman. Quite often we go over to the coast for a weekend visit with his Percheron “lady friend”- Bobbi. Although he talks a bit as we wander through the dunes and down to the beach, he always keeps his head about him and is attentive to commands as we travel; in front, beside, or behind--as a good gentlemen will always do. Ladies First.

Friesians are noted for their incredible movement and friendly, people-oriented attitudes and this exceptional stallion is a proud representative of his noble breed.